Congratulations You Are Correct!

The correct answer to this week's quiz is to CHECK.

If you were to bet in this situation, after your opponent has checked to you, you are in effect re-opening the betting. By re-opening the betting you are giving your opponent an opportunity to raise you out of the pot with a hand that could potentially become the nuts on the river (if another club were to come). So what you might say, I have a good hand, its Ace King suited! But what you really have is the nut-flush draw with two overcards. Notice that even if your opponent has 7-2 offsuit, he still has you beat at this point. If you re-open the betting and he bets big or moves all-in on you, you can't call with just Ace high, so you'll be forced to fold a potentially monstrous hand.

Now, lets look at this from another perspective, suppose your opponent has a pocket pair, like eights, which is very possible, given the way the betting has gone. At this point he has a set and may be getting ready to check-raise you off your Ace-King. By checking after him here, you take away his opportunity to do this and, if any club comes that does not pair the board, you are in a situation to bust this opponent because it is very difficult for someone to fold a set.

This situation comes up often in No Limit Poker so next time your hand has the potential to become huge, don't destroy it's opportunity to do this by re-opening the betting when you still have nothing.

We hoped you enjoyed this quiz and congratulations again if you got the correct answer!

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