Chain Mail Video Slot Review

Chain Mail Video Slot is one of the most popular new online slots games to arrive from software giant Microgaming. This online slot machine features a humorous Medieval theme that incorporates some twentieth century fast foods that royalty of olden days may have liked to include in their bountiful feasts if it had been around during those times. It also features Kings, Queens, Stallions, Swords and Coats of Armor that act as symbols in the game. The multi-tiered Bonus Round (described below), called the Castle Bonus, is also an exciting addition to typical online slots games and allows the player the opportunity to maximize their wins. Oh yeah, the 30,000 coin jackpot isn't bad either!

Referred to as the Flagship of the New Slots Games from Microgaming, Chain Mail is one of the new online slot machines running Viper software, which is the latest player-friendly software from Microgaming. Viper software allows the player to play a pre-selected number of spins or set betting limits in advance. This video slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines and allows the player the option to wager up to 5 coins per line. With a betting range between 0.01 cent and 0.50 cents, this new slots game is inviting to all different levels of slots player. Wagering 1 coin per line at 0.01 cent, this game can cost as little as 0.20 cents (1 coin x 0.01 cent x 20 pay-lines) per spin, while still allowing the player to take advantage of activating each of the 20 paylines.

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Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Coins/Payline: 5
Denominations: 0.01 - 0.50 cents
Bonus Rounds: Y (Multi-Tiered)
Wild Symbol: YES
Scatter Symbol YES
Jackpot: 30,000 Coins
Doubler Game: YES
Free Game: NO

For those players who can afford to play the maximum number of coins, as we recommend, at the highest denomination (0.50 cents), this slot machine will average $50.00 (5 coins per line x 0.50 cents x 20 paylines) per spin, however it is not necessary to wager at this level in order to be eligible for the Jackpot, which is 30,000 coins (NOTE: To be eligible for the 30,000 coin Jackpot, YOU MUST PLAY MAX COINS (5) AT WHATEVER BETTING LEVEL YOU CHOOSE!)


Your ultimate goal when playing this online slot machine is to get 5 Chain Mail Symbols on ANY of the twenty paylines. This will trigger the 30,000 coin Jackpot. The Chain Mail symbol is Wild and will substitute for any symbol, except the Mail Bag (Scatter Symbol) or the Bonus Gate (Bonus Symbol). The Chain Mail symbol doubles the payout for any winning combination it completes. The Mail Bag Scatter Symbol can appear anywhere within the gaming window and, as long as three or more appear on any given spin, a scatter payoff will be awarded. Other than winning the Top Jackpot, your secondary goal while playing Chain Mail video slot is to enter the Bonus Round.


Castle Bonus

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Chain Mail features a multi-tiered bonus round, called the Castle Bonus Round that the player enters when three Bonus Symbols (Symbols featuring the B) appear scattered on reels 1, 3, and 5 (See Castle Bonus Screen). The Castle Bonus features five rows of seven closed doors. Your objective is to select one of the seven doors from each row. Select any door with a credit amount behind it and you will be awarded those credits. Within the Castle Bonus Round, however, are two extra symbols. The first is Princess Roxy. Choose the door that frees Princess Roxy and you will be awarded ALL of the credit amounts behind EACH of the seven doors in the row in which you find the Princess. Be careful, though, because behind one of the doors is the second extra symbol from the Bonus Round, the dreaded Uncle Mordread. Unlock this devious character and your Castle Bonus is OVER. Don't worry, though because he only exists in the third through the fifth row of doors, meaning that if you enter the Castle Bonus Round, you are GUARANTEED winnings from the first two rows!

Below is an example of the screen featured at the beginning of the Castle Bonus Round. You can get a quick look at the glamorous? Princess Roxy on the left side of the screen. When you enter this Bonus Round, you will be asked to SELECT A DOOR from the bottom row as seen here. Again, click to select any door in the first and second row, without worrying about Uncle Mordread. Hope that you find the princess as she can be ANYWHERE within ANY ROW.

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Also notice from the screenshot below and to the right that the Princess may be found MULTIPLE times and each time that you unlock her door, you will be awarded with all of the credits from that row. If you are unfortunate enough to find Mordread, you will still be allowed to keep the credits that you have been awarded up to that point in the game.

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At the end of the Castle Bonus, the player is treated to a Congratulations screen displaying the amount of credits won during that round and then the game reverts back to the normal five reel video screen for the next spin. A typical win in the Castle Bonus Round is usually several thousand coins, although not all Bonus Rounds are this lucrative. The player has a reasonable chance of entering the Castle Bonus when allocating a real money bankroll amount that will enable approximately one-hundred spins.


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The payout screen, seen below and to the left, describes all of the different payout amounts that can be won by lining up the various different symbols in the game. Scatter Bonuses, Wild Symbol Wins and the rules of the Doubler Game, which allows players the opportunity to double any of their wins by guessing higher or lower when presented with a starting number value between one and twenty.

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