Mobile Video Poker, Slots and Casino Games for your PDA, Cellular Phone or Other Handheld Device Are Now Here

It almost seemed inevitable that technology would advance to the point where individuals could communicate, check email and browse the Web all from tiny hand-held devices called Personal Digital Assistants or PDA's and cell phones, but who would have thought that cellular technology could have advanced far enough that these same hand held devices would be used for exciting casino gaming action right now?

You know the feeling - you're sitting in another boring meeting on a Friday afternoon and all you can think about is the weekend and going to Atlantic City or Vegas, or maybe playing some high stakes poker at your local casino or card room. Between pretending to listen to the presenter and trying not to nod off, it takes an almost Herculean effort. Often, you fiddle with your PDA or Blackberry pretending to take notes or input another important business associate's contact information, but all you're doing is trying to stay awake and make it to the weekend! Maybe you even have a cellular game that you can play on your phone when nobody's looking, but that gets boring real fast. You no longer have to endure the boredom thanks to Mobile Gaming Technology, also referred to as Mobile Gambling Technology when the target audience is casino players and the games being offered are casino favorites with the option to actually place wagers and win real money.

Cell phone gambling has arrived

What is Mobile Gambling Technology? It is a new cellular technology that allows online casino players to play their favorite online casino games directly on their PDA or other cellular device, including their wireless phone (See Image Above). It is a technology whereby online casinos can provide, both, their fun and real-money slots, video poker, roulette, and blackjack games via wireless internet access directly on hand-held devices. Many online casino players are extremely excited about the opportunity to wager at their favorite slots or video poker games while stuck in traffic, in the office, on long-distance travel or even at that boring meeting we discussed earlier.

Who currently offers Mobile Casino Games? The biggest and most prominent provider of mobile casino games is the largest and most popular online casino. Even though they are known sometimes more for their outrageous publicity stunts, it is hard to dispute their standing in the online gambling world. They are one of the original online casinos, they have more gaming options for their players, they offer fast cash outs and have unmatched customer service. is one of the most respected online casinos, as well as one of the first to 'go mobile' and they are currently offering a 300% first deposit sign-up bonus for new players who register to play any of their mobile casino games.

How can I play mobile casino games on my handheld device?

  • Step 1: Click Here Now
  • Step 2: After clicking the link above, you will be asked to Enter Your Mobile Device Brand (e.g. HP)
  • Step 3: You will then be asked to Enter Your Mobile device Model (e.g.iPAQ1935)
  • Step4: You will then Enter Your Valid Email Address
  • Step5: Finally, you will Enter Your Cellular Phone Number and click the Download Now button on the Web Page the above link takes you to. The wireless software will be downloaded into your device.

Once you have completed the above steps, the wireless software will be downloaded onto your handheld device or cell phone and an icon or menu option will appear on your cellular screen. Then, all you need to do is go to the game options and select the game you wish to play.

Mobile gambling casinos are already a tremendous hit in Russia and are rapidly gaining market share in the United states and Europe. The convenience, ease of play and rapidly expanding wagering options are making mobile casinos one of the fastest growing segments of the online gambling population.

Play on you mobile or PDA

So, whether you choose to play slots, video poker, blackjack, or roulette on your mobile device you can always be sure that there is a game available for you.

What type of functionality or features must my wireless device have enabled in order to play these casino games? You must have a Java-enable phone with wireless internet access.

Which casino games are currently available? The games that are available as of this writing are Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette and some limited slots, however the list of games is rapidly expanding and new games are being added almost daily.

You mentioned as a leading provider of mobile casino games, but I don't have an account with them, will it be necessary for me to Login in order to enjoy these mobile casino games? Yes. Once you select the game you wish to play on your handheld device, you must then login with your existing user account.

I do not have an existing user account? No problem. If you were not prompted to set up a user account at when you completed Steps 1 through 5 above, click here.

What type of of incentives are available to mobile players in terms of deposit bonuses? is currently offering a 300% bonus on initial deposit to all new players who register and download their mobile gambling software to their cellular device according to Steps 1 through 5 above.

How can I ensure that these games are fair since I will be wagering real money? Mobile devices employ wireless encryption technology. The same technology that keeps your wireless email private and allows you to make credit card transactions is the same technology that keeps theses mobile casino games fair and your real money casino account secure. Golden Palace is always on the leading edge of safety and security for its players.

SLOTLAND lucky stars mobile casino game

Mobile gambling is the next wave in online casino gaming entertainment. But no matter whether you choose to stick to internet gambling strictly online or decide to download and play mobile casino games like video poker, slots and roulette now make sure that you always know your limits, never play when tired or intoxicated and gamble for enjoyment more than for profit. We live in an exciting time, in the age of technology-try to take advantage of it and you can experience the thrill, wonder and excitement of all that the technology age has to offer.


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